• Agribur Exportación de Cítricos
  • Agribur Exportación de Cítricos
  • Agribur Exportación de Cítricos

Agribur S. L. sell a wide variety of citrus, and specially Clementine with or without leaf, besides of:

Orange Navelina: this variety is very productive and its flavour is very sweet. Navelinas Oranges are great for taking as a dessert. Are collected during the first days of October until middle of February.

Orange Navelate: Navelate oranges are juicy and very sweet. They can be eaten from late February to late May.

Orange Lane Late: This orange has thin skin and fewer limonene. These oranges are harvested in January and remain in the markets until late May.

Orange Salustiana: this variety of orange has a slightly rough and thickened bark. Salustianas Oranges almost contain no seeds and are high in sweet and tasty juice, which is ideal to squeeze. The picking is made from December and lasts until April.

Valencia Late Orange: This variety is the most important in the world. This orange is a little bit elongated, with thin and consistent crust, and its pulp has very good colour and high juice content. The taste of Valencia Late orange is very acidic and has no seeds. Its maturation is late, between April and July.

Clemenrubi: The pulp has extraordinary organoleptic characteristics due to its juice contents and the excellent compensation of sugars, acids and aromatic compounds. No seeds. It is an early variety, its fruits are harvested from September.

Oronules: The fruit is small, its reddish orange colour is very attractive, the flesh is tender, with good juice content, and pleasant taste. It is very early, can be collected from late September.
Clemenules: Has adequate juice content of high quality. No seeds. The collection can be started a few days after Clementine, showing off a tendency to puffing.

Clemenvilla: It is medium-large caliber. Its reddish orange colour is very attractive: its leathery, thin and shiny skin presents radial grooves. Is adhered to the pulp which is often difficult to peel. No seeds. Harvesting takes place from December.
Marisol: The fruit is of good size and the flesh tender and melting, with high juice content slightly acidulous. No seeds. The characteristics of this strain are similar to those of clementine Oroval from which essentially differs in that fruit maturity occurs about two weeks before.

Ortanique: It is medium to large size, very flattened stylar area, with a very marked areola. It is difficult to peel and always with great detachment of essential oils. The pulp is melting, with a high quantity of juice, with good balance between acids and sugars.
Nadorcot: A tangerine late, is in perfect conditions to be collected in middle of February, stretching its picking until April. The fruit is deep red colour and with a natural glow very attractive.

Hernandina: The size, shape, juice content and organoleptic characteristics of the fruit are similar to those of Clementine, but the full colour of the fruit reaches about two months later. No seeds. Late harvest, middle of February.